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Strategy leading the way.

Our Experiential Strategies enable Stakeholders to not just buy products or services, but to actually experience brands - unified, through all touchpoints. Our strategic approach focuses on 4 areas: engagement, time, engagement, and goals.

End-To - End Brand Experiences.

Our approach is designed for our Stakeholders to leverage their Strategic Plans over time - a key component in experiential relationships. 


Emotions + Feelings

Strategies that immerse Stakeholders in products or services + deeply engages them.


Digitally moving through the clutter.

Battling digital overload + fatigue from increased usage since the beginning of the pandemic, our approach continues to move through the clutter - with increased Stakeholder engagement across all digital touchpoints. 

It Still Works.

Email Management. Sending the right information, at the right time, to the right people, about the right things. 


Pausing the scroll.

Social Media Management. Reaching + Retaining people by being social on social - not just posting.


Balance + Boundaries.

SMS Management. Fostering two-way communication at it's core with a direct line.


With you at all times.

Online Platforms. Accessing the support of your community - across the world in your hand.


All the things.

Website Management. What you need, whenever you need it, always in one spot - a home that's always open.


Words means things.

Search Engine Optimization. Using the right words to reach the right people to match the right experience.


Sustainability through communities by design.

Putting the phase "building a community" in action through our approach with experiential human design to drive advocacy + equity. These communities are built to help Stakeholders understand how you’re designed to move through life with ease + impact , through brand experiences + the tools to share that experience.

Brand Loyalty.

Experience Management. Providing the same experience every time during every touchpoint.

Brand Advocacy.

Community Management. Backed by the support and consistency of the experience, revenue increases beyond the sale, more than once.

Brand Awareness.

Relationship Management. Ensuring their networks expand with experience equity backing them.

A Face To The Name.

Meeting their Stakeholders where they are, knowing nothing replaces human interaction. From experiential events to experiential activations, these touchpoints extend connections + promote loyalty on and off-line while increasing the bottom line.

Designed with Two-Way Communication in mind.

Removing the tables and opening the space during all experiential event activations to foster relationships from both sides which promotes sales and lasting experiences.  

Extending a moment in Time.

With enough brand activation work, Stakeholders had a strong, favorable opinion about their brand experience because of their personal interactions and continue to spread this opinion among others.

"Branperience does an excellent job of getting to know the why of your organization and then delivers the what you do. Branperience made our organization come alive to the world with their strategic planning, experience marketing, and elite professional services."

"... my team was incredible!! Special thank you to team Branperience for flying all the way from LA, guiding me through this process...y’all are incredible!…so grateful for y’all’s expertise!"

"...I have seen the growth in my business...thank you for everything! Your services are superb."

"Teju's attention to detail and ability to transform our thoughts into strategies that can be merged into our brand experience, was amazing to watch. We've been working off of her strategy from a year ago and we're still getting results. Best investment we've made."

A Full Brand Experience.

Our capabilities are vast, thus, our Stakeholders aren’t scrambling to find several different agencies and firms to handle siloed areas of their businesses, we’re all inclusive; so our Stakeholders can focus on a Return on Experience for them and their Stakeholders – we’ll handle the rest. Take a look at the full experience.

Sports &

Coaching &

Finance &


Food &


Policy &



Social Impact 

Religious & Faith-Based

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Building brands through memorable 

experiences. The experiential way.

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