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About Us 

90% of decisions are based off 

emotions, so we use them.

We're a team of intuitive empaths committed to building sustainable brands through memorable brand experiences, the experiential way. Our unique approach to Brand Experiences are supported by stakeholder journeys, on and offline, and strategically important campaigns + interactions that encourage end-to-end journeys through emotion-led relationships.

Our Team of empaths

Teju A.

Chief Experience Officer + Founder

Madi S.

Executive Assistant + Experience Manager

Zora B.

Experience Coordinator - Southern Region

Bailey A.

Experience Coordinator - Western Region

Taylor M.

Experience Coordinator - Midwestern Region

Kennady O.

Experience Coordinator - Eastern Region

Milo L.

 Experience Specialist

Our Chief Experience Officer


Teju Aluko

Chief Experience Officer + Founder

An intuitive empath from Milwaukee, Wisconsin who started Branperience in 2018 in a coffee shop in Downtown Milwaukee. 


With over 16 years experience in the Branding and Marketing space in various industries and leading organizations from corporate retail to professional sports – Teju developed an unique approach to building Brand Experiences, not just campaigns and trends, that could sustain and gain market share, despite dramatic budget & capacity differences, with experiential strategies fueled by feelings and emotions.



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