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Case study.

Secure Bridges

Ending the local sex trade of children in the Milwaukee area by raising awareness, promoting advocacy, and empowering advancement..

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The Story.

Building an engaged society.

Secure Bridges’ Mission is to end the local sex trade of children in the Milwaukee area by raising awareness, promoting advocacy, and empowering advancement..

Package: Full Service Brand Experience Package + Management


Avg. email open rate + 19.9% avg. click rate with 70 + email subscribers



Active Members within Private Membership: Secure Society



Brand partnerships, sponsorships, and collaborations 

The Goal.

Awareness. Advocacy. Advancement.

Secure Bridges’ focus was to build an engaged community of doers to aid in the prevention of child sex trafficking in the Milwaukee Area. Centered around being a business of execution and results, we built a Brand Experience Strategy around these 3 goals: awareness, engagement, and impactful experiences.

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It Stops Now.

The core of the engagement strategy was to make real connections with their stakeholders through engaging initiates and collaborations that inspire the community to believe and join in transforming survivors lives to freedom.

How We Did It.

End-To-End Journey


We designed a Board for brand development and a process for  volunteers to assist in the on-going delivery of their new experience.

Experiential Marketing Campaigns

We leveraged our customized strategy to deliver an experiential marketing campaigns that drove brand engagement, awareness, and advancement.


We increased their social media presence by focusing on brand engaging sites such as Instagram and Facebook – while creating an exclusive online group, Secure Society.


We brought the in-person campaign experience – online with emotionally capturing images, videos, websites, landing pages, and more.

Experience Sponsorships

We obtained several resources to advance the brand and continue the growing programs success.


We created an exclusive community of supporters through strategic and targeted email campaigns to support and advance the customized experience.

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Experiential Marketing.

In the thick of it.

We designed a heart felt content shoot for the campaign that combined the Owner's childhood neighbor and zip code + area with the highest rate for child sex trafficking in the state. The day was filled with hope –– the emotion we were going for.



Secure Kits given away to potential at-risk children within the City of Milwaukee.


Video Impressions across all campaign videos.


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...not only do they think about your brand experience, they think about how we experience's the small details they pay attention to that makes them different from everyone else… Brand Experience has been so instrumental to the success of Secure Bridges. They are so unique, ready with ideas, plans, and execution for your brands.​​

Shayvon McCullum

Founder, Secure Bridges

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